Born in Pierre, SD

Lives in Mesa, Arizona, USA


Kelly Joyce Fielder is currently pursuing her MFA in Theatre for Youth at Arizona State University. 

She is a multifaceted theatre maker whose current interests lie in international theatre, ensemble-building with young artists, and theatre for the very young. Kelly has had the honor of completing teaching residencies with the FLY Children’s Creativity Studio, the Mesa Arts Center, and the University of Michigan (working in collaboration with PingChong+Co. production of Beyond Sacred: Voices of Muslim Identity and Kid Koala’s Nufonia Must Fall.) 

In 2016, Kelly was selected as a Rye Fellow with the International Performance Arts for Youth Showcase in Montréal, Canada. She is featured in the American Theatre for the Very Young: A Digital Festival for her original production, Ruff. This summer, she was able to present her research at the American Association for Theatre Educators national conference in Minneapolis about arts access to young people in refugee camps and emergency shelters as a way to alleviate trauma after natural disasters. 

She is proudly a founding member of Spinning Dot Theatre (and still considers herself an honorary “dot” even while she’s in Arizona), and when she is not in school, studying, or working on her assistantship with the university, she spends her time working with Arizona Repertory Theatre for Kids, dreaming up ideas for new plays, painting posters, and learning how to play the banjo. 

Kelly Joyce Fielder

Full CV


2018 - American Alliance for Theater & Education, Minneapolis, MN

2018 - International Performance Arts for Youth, Philadelphia, PA

2017 - ASSITEJ: Cradle of Creativity, Cape Town, South Africa

2017 - International Performance Arts for Youth, Madison, WI

2016 - ASSITEJ: On The Edge, Birmingham, United Kingdom

2016 - International Performance Arts for Youth, Montreal, CA

2015 - AATE's Plays in Progress, NYC

2015 - No Limits: College to Career, Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti, MI

2015 - Sphynx Con., Detroit, MI

2013 - International Performance Arts for Youth, Philadelphia, PN.

2008 - Michigan Thespian Festival, Lansing, MI


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